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Let's Change the Conversation!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

So, by now you’ve probably heard about cannabis, and how the conversation has been changing regarding the drug, unless you’re living under a rock in the middle of the dessert (to each their own). There is indeed a strong bond between cannabis and weed, Mary Jane, ganja, the devil’s lettuce or whatever you want to call it, but there is a lesser known type of cannabis, and guess what, it will not get you high. This type of Cannabis Sativa is known as Hemp, and is used for industrial and medicinal purposes; yep, there is a type of cannabis people don’t actually smoke to get high as a kite.

The main difference between hemp and other types of cannabis, has to do with the content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the principle psychoactive cannabinoid of cannabis. Hemp, has a lower concentration of THC than your regular cannabis, usually around 0.3%, which is not enough to get you high. Besides, it has a higher content of CBD (cannabidiol), which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid of the plant, which helps reduce or eliminate the effect of THC in the brain. CBD is also what gives hemp its great appeal in the medicinal industry, because of its curative properties. CBD has been linked in helping people with anxiety, depression and even enhancing cognitive functions in the brain. We will talk more about the wonders of CBD in our future blogposts!

Separating ourselves from the consumption of cannabis, hemp has a huge history as and industrial crop. The first recorded use of hemp dates back thousands of years, there is evidence it was one of the earliest plants to be cultivated, as far as 8000BC.  The first uses where for textiles and food consumption, given the sturdiness of it's fiber and the high nutritional value of Hemp seed and hemp oil. Later on other uses were developed for the plant such as regeneration of soil, eco-friendly paper, and concrete out of its mixture with lime and water; the list goes on and on, having more than 25,000 uses, which we will be covering in our blog, so stay tuned.

Leave us a comment with what you would like know about hemp in our future posts!

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